Dell Vostro 3560


– The Vostro 3560 laptop is an advanced 15-inch business laptop that offers vital security features and 3rd Gen Intel Core processors.
– Ensure your critical professional information is secure 24×7 with built-in data encryption, as well as advanced internet and physical security options.
– Efficient multitasking with 3rd Gen Intel Core processors and 4GB of memory. Power your presentations and media with a 1GB AMD discrete graphics card.
– The Vostro 3560 was designed to meet your essential professional needs by providing powerful and reliable productivity today while offering purchasing flexibility as you grow.
– The Vostro 3560 offers a thin, new design that’s sleek yet sturdy, perfect in the office or the road.
– The Vostro 3560 is remarkably slim, yet offers a spacious 15.6 Inch HD anti-glare display.
– The soft-touch palm rest offers comfortable computing for long work sessions.
– The brushed-aluminum case is attractive yet quite sturdy and solid.


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Embark on a thrilling digital journey with our powerhouse system, fueled by the mighty 3.2GHz Intel i5 3230 CPU. This tech marvel not only rocks 4GB of RAM but also flaunts a cavernous 500GB hard drive, perfect for storing your digital universe. Feel the speed with a 56x CD-RW/8X DVD RW Combo Drive, and revel in wireless freedom with cutting-edge Ethernet connectivity. Unleash the visual splendor on the expansive 15.4″ widescreen display, fueled by the prowess of the AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1GB Discrete Graphic Card.

Connectivity becomes a breeze with two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports, offering a symphony of options for your peripherals. All this technological symphony dances harmoniously under the Windows 10 spotlight, creating the perfect stage for a portable computer catered to the digitally savvy family. Get ready for a captivating experience where performance meets style, this unit is not equiped with a battery but can still be trusted to deliver a digital haven for every member of your dynamic household.


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