Dell Optiplex 360


OptiPlex 360 is both easy to own and flexible to meet the changing needs of your organization. That means the right fit for users with practical features. Dell OptiPlex reduces the hassle of ownership so you can focus on moving your organization forward. With kids in mind, This is the perfect starter PC for your Kids enabling them to get a head start with thousands of Apps and Games.

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Immerse yourself in efficient computing with the Intel Duo Core 2.8GHz Pentium CPU at the helm. This dynamic system boasts 2GB of memory, ensuring smooth multitasking, and a capacious 160GB SATA HDD for ample storage. Seamlessly handle your multimedia needs with the DVDRW, and stay connected with the Broadcom Gigabit Network Card. With 8x USB 2.0 ports, this system offers extensive connectivity. Elevate your computing experience further with the Manjaro Operating System, bringing a sleek and user-friendly interface to your daily tasks.



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