Services offered

Hardware and Software repairs.

When the machine you put faith in fails to provide you with what you expect or simply refuses to turn on. Call me and have all your worries taken care of


Sales of new and used hardware.

Need an upgrade and don’t know what to get. I can provide with answers servicing any questions you may have.


On/Off Site repairs.

Stay at home mom or just don’t have transport. House calls are no longer a thing of the past. Bring it in for servicing on a regular basis and allow me to keep it tuned up and running as it is meant to.


Computer & laptop Upgrades

Age is a cruel part of life. As we use our electronics they wear out and even a CPU that has not moved parts can wear out. I can supply upgrades to many systems even when they are really old.


Computer Advice.

Need help when buying a new rig or wanting to upgrade? I can be your personal assistant when putting together that perfect machine for you


General Maintenance on electronic items.

Have something that isn’t a computer. Need someone to just ” take a look at it” I’m your man.


Office Computer Setup.

Looking to set-up a home office or small business? I can set-up networks and computers for anything from a one man band and small organizations to an already established company looking to relocate or upgrade.


Virus Removal Service.

Even the most vidulent of us get viruses every now and then. Bring your machine in for a treatment and get those dirty bugs off your system


Data Back-up.

Keeping a copy of your most valuable data is important, Don’t take it for granted. A drive can fail without warning and loose your data is going to ruin your day.


Online Accounts set-up.

Need help with Facebook, twitter or other social media. Need to get your email working or created?