Acer Altos File server


Unleash business potential with the Acer Altos G330 server. Featuring dual Intel Xeon CPUs, 2GB of ECC RAM, and a capacious 250GB HDD, this powerhouse ensures optimal performance for critical applications. Scalable and reliable, the Altos G330 combines efficiency with remote management features, making it the ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses seeking streamlined server solutions.


Introducing the Acer Altos G330, a powerhouse server meticulously crafted for the demands of small to medium-sized businesses. Engineered with dual Intel Xeon processors, this server delivers exceptional performance to drive critical business applications with efficiency. Equipped with 2GB of ECC memory for error-free operations and a spacious 250GB HDD, the Altos G330 ensures reliability and ample storage capacity. Its scalable design accommodates growing business needs, while remote management features streamline monitoring and maintenance. Elevate your business infrastructure with the Acer Altos G330, where the synergy of dual Xeon CPUs, robust memory, and substantial storage redefines server performance for optimal productivity.


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