Are computers dying?

When I was growing up, I very clearly remember laptops and tablets being exclusively for business or tech people that had a need for the device and could justify the price and features. During the 5 years running up to 2010 it seemed like all the companies were fighting to claim the fastest desktop, however, the big boys like Samsung and Apple were making their products with more and more features, sensors and DLC in a smaller and smaller device. Phablets we called them, they were for the rich kids and wannabe tech nerds that wanted a fashionable computer. We had some amazing devices that came out of this kerfuffle though, Nokia ( remember them, and not for that shitty 3310 copy that was released recently) Nokia had the N8 and the N97 that ran Symbian, a Linux port If I am not mistaking, While very good hardware wise, software support was lacking. gaming laptops replacement x299 x7900 Now with all this going on, many people didn’t see that market shift to smaller and more portable devices, AMD left the market and concentrated on integrated devices and Intel was left all alone in the middle of the room with everyone looking at it… Once the Galaxy and iPhone, even the IPad though not so much the first units, those usually go turned into a Retro game emulator or a toy for the kids. I remember when the Galaxy S4 was the bee’s knees and everyone and their dog wanted one. Then the iPhone started coming out and all of a sudden we have all in one computer.


 gaming laptops replacement x299 x7900

Now all in ones are not new and even Apple have made a few of their own branded units, however, they were mostly used by Point of Sale systems and reception staff. For all the reasons listed above and the push to atomic level computing we find ourselves dealing with more and more laptops in business environments as the IT staff don’t have to worry about replacement parts or much in the way of maintenance.

 gaming laptops replacement x299 x7900

A gaming laptop is not new but has had a lot of new models added to the fray lately, I currently use an Acer Predator 21x for my daily workstation ( jK, I wish I had one of those beauty’s) the 21x is a fantastic machine but it has a few flaws. Like most gaming orientated machines this laptop is heavy and uses a lot of power, most laptops try and sip as little power as possible and make as little heat as possible, this is not the case with gaming laptops. the one pictured above is not a gaming laptop 😉

Desktop computers, in my opinion, are not dead, they have just been slimmed down. Many people now want smaller desktops and as a repair tech I get many of those micro tower style computers, they sometimes come with a dead power supply, because of the age, the new power supply and the unit, in general, finds itself in replacement territory if repairs are not viable but the replacement cost might well be more than 75% of the replacement cost of the whole unit. Making the replacement alone pointless, usually, customers are happier when a newer machine is used even refurbished machines used to replace these machines can sometimes double the performance for the original cost of the previous machine. Usually, you don’t see much from generation to generation but on the second gen and onward the performance is a lot more noticeable.