About Us

Our Vision

To offer proactive, dedicated support to our clients, as well as to provide continual service

improvement on a daily basis to maximize service delivery.

Our Mission

To consistently deliver services and products that provide reliability and cost efficiency to all of our clients with their needs and requirements in mind.

Our Values

We believe in and strive for Integrity, Commitment to Customers, Honesty, Trust, Quality, Humility,

Ownership, Passion and Accountability.

Our Company Journey

Big Bang PC’s was founded in 2012 by husband & Wife team Jacques and Chantell,

Jacques has been in the IT industry for the last 14 years. His passion and pride is in fixing equipment before trying to replace it, and only if it cant be fixed to then replace.

Chantell has been in the Webdesign and administrative fields for the last 15 years. Her passion is being able to take someones vision of a website and make it a reality, as well as assisting small business owners with freeing up their time for the better things in life by doing the admin tasks they don’t have the time for.

We continue to grow because we always deliver. No time is ever wasted.

Our Team





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